Terms & Conditions

The Swinton Estate operates a loyalty program named Swinton Rewards.

Points earning

A registered member who stays and *spends at our hotel will be awarded loyalty points calculated as follows:

  • £1 Swinton Park Accommodation (awarded for direct bookings) = 2 points
  • £1 Swinton Bivouac Accommodation (awarded for direct bookings) = 2 points
  • £1 Spa Days = 2 points
  • £1 Spa Treatment = 2 points
  • £1 Estate Shop = 2 points
  • £1 Cookery School = 2 points
  • £1 Chef’s Table = 2 points
  • £1 Event = 2 points
  • £1 Wedding = 2 points
  • £1 Bivouac Café = 2 points
  • £1 The Terrace Restaurant and Bar = 2 points
  • £1 Afternoon Tea = 2 points
  • £1 Samuel’s Restaurant = 2 points
  • £1 Other services = 2 points
  • £1 Club member = 3 points

1 loyalty point = 5 pence.

Points are rewarded on check-out on payment of a bill. Points earned will be awarded on the same day of transaction and applied to your member account on presentation of your card or app at reception on check out, or on receipt of payment of services. Points can only be earned for total spend posted to the residential member’s room account at time of departure. Only the cardholder can claim points earned. Points cannot be claimed by two different parties for the same booking. You will be sent a monthly e-statement informing you of your points balance. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a statement may not be sent where the member has not accumulated any points during the immediately preceding six months. A member may also find out how many points they have accumulated by checking their account on this website. If no points have been earned or reward redeemed for a period of 18 consecutive months, the account will be deemed to have lapsed. Once an account has lapsed all points accrued against your membership shall be forfeited and shall be closed. Points are not redeemable for cash and have no value unless presented for redemption in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Points cannot be back dated to prior to sign up date. A spend limit of £1,000 applies (members can earn points only on the first £1,000 spend)

*Points cannot be earned on conferences, events, functions and weddings.

*Points cannot be earned on Country Club monthly membership and joining fees.

Redemption of loyalty voucher codes

Members may exchange points under Swinton Rewards for voucher codes which can be used across the Estate towards accommodation, food & beverage, spa and other services by requesting a voucher code online from this website. Club members cannot earn spend on Club membership subscription fees. Once points have been exchanged for a voucher code, no refund will be available. Loyalty voucher codes are available in a variety of experience vouchers represented on this website. Voucher codes will be delivered to your registered email address. Voucher codes can be exchanged in full or part payment for accommodation, food and beverage and named services on this website according to the voucher code value, however the terms and conditions for the rate booked will apply. The voucher code must be used in full within 6 months of date of issue in whole or part of any single transaction. The full voucher value can only be applied and no change will be given for any part transaction. Please quote your unique voucher code when booking your experience which is subject to availability. Please present your loyalty card or app to a member of staff and quote your voucher code number when settling your invoice, or full payment will be required by cash, credit or debit card.

Remember to book directly with us on our website to enjoy best rate guarantee and the benefits listed above.

Card Issue & Definition

The Swinton Estate operates loyalty programme membership cards named as Swinton Rewards. Only one card can be used per household, per visit. As a member, cards can be used to earn and redeem points in accordance with these terms & conditions. A member will be issued a Swinton Rewards card for registration for free of charge. Registration can be completed on this website without requiring a card number. A card will be allocated on request during a future visit to the hotel. Members can also store a digital version of your loyalty card by downloading Inspire Loyalty app. Points earned are non transferrable. Member cards in issue are the property of Swinton Estate and have no cash value. Should a card be lost or stolen the member must notify by email to val@inspireloyalty.co.uk or in person. Your account will be suspended and a new membership account opened and replacement card issued. Points as of date & time of notification will be transferred to your new account. Swinton Estate and it’s operators, Inspire Loyalty, will not enter into any dispute concerning points awarded or redeemed and assume no liability whatsoever to damages claimed, infringed or caused by participating in the loyalty programme named as Swinton Rewards.

Card Cancellation

Should you decide to cancel membership, please advise by email to val@inspireloyalty.co.uk. On cancellation any voucher not used will become invalid and points awarded will be nullified. Your loyalty account will be closed and all registration and transactional data will be permanently deleted from Swinton Rewards programme and the data server.

Booking Restrictions and Limitations

Redemptions are at all times subject to availability. Swinton Estate does not guarantee to be able to offer the rewards for any date(s) .

Points will not be awarded for Spend on:
(i) Rates booked through 3rd party online retailers including but not limited to: Secret Escapes, Travel Zoo, Lastminute, Expedia, Orbitz, Booking.com, and Laterooms.
(ii) Wholesale/tour operator packages
(iii) Private party bookings
(iv) Conferences, events, functions and weddings
(v) Club member subscription fees
(vi) Gift voucher purchase

Swinton Estate reserves the right to change program benefits and/or membership levels at any time. Membership is awarded at the Company’s sole discretion.
Customers must be over 18 years of age to participate.
Employees of the Company or its agents are not eligible to participate.
Only one membership of the loyalty program per person is permitted.
Membership, points and rewards (excluding vouchers) are non transferable.

It is the member’s responsibility to update their profile online or inform of any changes to their details, including but not limited to, their change of name and/ or address. In the event of death this will result in cancellation of loyalty membership and forfeiture of any available points balance.

The Company reserves the right to refuse membership or to cancel any membership and revoke any and all unredeemed points collected by any member for reasons including, but not limited to, fraud or misuse of their membership and/ or any violation by the member of these terms and conditions.

Some employers may prohibit or restrict employees from participating in reward programs such as Swinton Rewards. The Company assumes no responsibility or liability for compliance with any such policy which a member’s employer may operate.
Points earned for accommodation is restricted to guests who book and stay and therefore excludes bookings made on behalf of guests i.e. travel agencies and third party operators.
Registered members can only claim points for their own bedroom stay at one bedroom per night.


The member is responsible for the payment of any tax due in respect of any reward. All terms & conditions are in conjunction with our supplier Inspire Loyalty.

By participating, loyalty programme members agree to these terms and conditions.

Quick Balance Check

Quickly check your points balance without logging in.